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Costa Smeralda, The Most Desired Summer Luxury Destination

You can live your best beach life at Costa Smeralda, on the famous European beaches like Principe Beach, Capriccioli, Pevero, Liscia Rujia or la Celvia. But it’s not just about white Caribbean-like sandy shores, crystal clear turquoise water, colorful flowers, lush greenery of the island or other nature wonders, Sardinia offers generously. Costa Smeralda has much more than that. It’s where dreams come true for the most demanding luxury travelers who can find their perfect playground there.

Magnificent yachts sail with dignity at the Mediterranean Sea and let their crews discover picturesque nooks of the island. Private jet and helicopter services, golf clubs, as well as some of the most splendid hotels and villas in the world, give their precious guests all the opportunities, comfort and sensations they could wish for.

Destination of Superstars and Agent 007

The list of stars, who chose Costa Smeralda for their temporary home away from home, is endless. From George Clooney to Bradley Cooper or Lenny Kravitz, the lucrative piece of heaven in Sardinia remains number one destination for premium guests for decades.

In case you have always wondered how it is to be in the shoes of James Bond or maybe a Bond Girl, you can stay in the same place as they did – at the Hotel Cala di Volpe, where The Spy Who Loved Me was shot, in 1977.

And whether you prefer to sip Vodka Martini or a glass of delicate Italian wine, during the hot summer nights, you will get them in the highest quality, in one of the stylish bars at Porto Cervo.


Where to Eat

If Costa Smeralda is a jewel, then Porto Cervo is its brightest diamond. As they say, it’s a place to see and be seen. Designer’s boutiques are filled with high-end garments from the top fashion brands. Local bars offer the base for vibrant nightlife. Restaurants serve exquisite Mediterranean delicacies, but international cuisine has its place there, too. One of the best choices for those, seeking authentic Italian food and ambience, are Renato Pedrinelli, I Frati Rossi, Il Pescatore, Giagoni in Piazza or Fior d’Acqua by I&L whose specialties, with numerous seafood creations have been praised by many satisfied guests. Popular CUE Churrascaria Porto Cervo prepares delicate Southern-Italian and Argentinian specialities, while Aruana Churrascaria is the right place to have a steak, Brazilian meal or barbecue. Yet, the list of great restaurants is much longer.

Where to Stay

The Sun Secret Collection will ensure you get the highest level of luxury at some of Costa Smeralda’s most lucrative properties with the well trained staff, private chef and butler, private jet flights, yacht charter and pretty much anything you can wish.

For the most demanding clients, there is Villa Adele, the premium choice of the entire Costa Smeralda, according to the teNeues book “Best Places to Rent on the Planet“.

No less fantastic property Villa Floriana located on a hilltop position, grants a fabulous 270-degree view that goes from Tavolara Island well over to the close Corsica coastline. It’s sophisticated design perfectly blends natural and manmade art into the fascinating living space.

Another great option is Apartment Luciano, furnished in contemporary and luxurious Italian design style, located in the very heart of Porto Cervo.

These beauties are still only a fraction of what we can offer you. You can see more inspiring properties here or just contact us and let us find the best option for you, based on your preferences and personality.