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Vacation with Benefits for Body and Mind

Significant benefits of vacation on physical and mental health are known for a long time. Yet now, holiday aimed at well-being and wellness, can truly become a life changing experience. 

The time spent away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life, is ideal for bringing more awareness into the certain part of your life, with long term benefits. Also, it certainly doesn’t hurt that such a positive change can take place in some of the most stunning parts of the world, under guidance of the top professionals. 


Set Your Goal 

You can let the best specialists pamper you while on spa holidays, so you will return rejuvenated, balanced and relaxed. Glowing skin, toned body and plenty of energy will be a pleasing “side effect” of such a travel experience. 

The Sun Secret Collection is here to hand-pick some exceptional resorts and programs, most suitable for your needs and desires. Whether you’re looking for a yoga and mindfulness retreat, specialist program focusing on detox, weight loss or other particular issues, such as stress-management, or a complete health reboot, the recommended option is, to travel to the dedicated wellness hotel or destination spa. Not only will you have an experienced expert team at your disposal, but a great advantage is also that the potential distractions or temptations that could divert you from your goal, would be minimized. 


Choose the Location

The only decision you need to make is a choice what you want to focus on and what kind of surroundings you prefer. Incredible nature and architecture of Provence or Tuscany? Then you might fall in love with Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, the oasis of greenery and serenity in the heart of the preserved nature. Terre Blanche Spa combines traditional and modern therapies with innovative technology, cosmetology and aromatherapy, unique to Provence.

Castel Monastero, a beautifully restored medieval village and monastery, is a no less healing option. Lying in one of the most beautiful stretches of countryside in Italy, in the Tuscany region, among the Chianti Wines, cornfields, chestnut forests and long rows of Cypress trees. 

In Switzerland, among one of the best is the VICTORIA-JUNGFRAU Grand Hotel & Spa, located amid the mountains of the Bernese Highlands, overlooking the Jungfrau. Offering everything from beauty and rejuvenation to healing, detox, fitness or weight loss programs, this is the ultimate destination for those seeking health empowerment and prevention, along with better-aging procedures. 

Immersed in a breathtaking view of the Lake Lucerne and the iconic Alpine landmarks, you can pamper yourself with an exclusive wellness experience in BÜRGENSTOCK HOTEL & ALPINE SPA. Expect the wellspring of vitality and a new zest for life. This is wellness & wellbeing floating between the water and the sky.

Or, you might prefer a different kind of natural beauty that only Bali can offer. Set on the edge of the Indian Ocean, between Mount Batukaru and terraced rice fields, Soori Bali is a hidden refuge, rejuvenating and peaceful. At Soori Spa, an ultimate goal is to guide you towards a lasting sense of wellbeing through the holistic healing and nurturing treatments. 

Also fascinating is CAPELLA UBUD in Bali, nestled at the heart of lush green forests, a unique tented camp sitting in harmony with the surrounding nature. The spa experiences are drawn from Bali’s rich wellness tradition, with treatments using signature techniques and organic products exclusively blended for Capella Ubud, Bali.

Yet, there are so many more possibilities and locations. So, if you feel that you want to step on the well-being journey, let us help you to find and arrange that perfect place and specialists for you.