After the last year, in particular, you deserve a splendid reset so much. Ideally in the form of a perfect exotic beach holiday. Yet, it doesn’t look too encouraging, at the moment of all the travel restrictions, right? Don’t worry, we have your back. There is still an amazing oasis of peace and beauty which you can safely visit.


Definitely the most desirable tropical destination this winter, even more than usual, is the Maldives. No wonder this tropical paradise managed to stay safe for the travelers, as well as for their own inhabitants while being undeniably enjoyable as ever. 




With the luxury bungalows, extending over turquoise waters reaching out the white sandy beach, Maldives is a real-life fairy tale, famous for some of the most grandiose sunsets on the Earth. It’s a retreat of both diverse splendor and countless pleasures, above and below the surface of the Arabian Sea. Relax, wellness and healing, or the adventure? Whatever is the main purpose of your journey, the Maldives will make a great scene for that. 

Even though there is no bad time to go to the Maldives, travelers most enjoy the weather between November and April, with only little precipitation and warm temperatures.




The nature of Maldives is beyond fascinating. However, your vacation can get even better when you decide to stay in one of the stand-out luxury resorts, handpicked by The Sun Secret Collection travel experts. You can expect nothing but the spectacularly designed spaces, highest level services, exceptional culinary experience, and a long list of amenities for your relaxation, pleasure, and entertainment. Nothing is left to chance, there. 



In the Maldives, you can easily feel tempted to do nothing but basking in the sun, amazed by the scenery surrounding you. However, there are more ways to do just that. Some of them include romance, while the other exciting adventure or sport. 

Watch Islets in the Ocean From Above


It’s quite possible your holiday starts on a seaplane, as some of the most luxurious resorts on private islands require a flight to get. To admire the scenic views from the bird’s perspective, you can also book a flight over the many atolls. It’s the best way to get a sense of how secluded, and beautifully untouched the islands of Maldives are. 

Discover Underwater World


While the view from your over-the-water sundeck is surely breathtaking, it is worth immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters and exploring the rich marine life for a while. The Maldives is a world-class destination for both scuba diving and snorkeling, so it only depends on how much you are curious and willing to dive deeper. However, the reefs in the Maldives are so pristine that even snorkeling you can see a lot of its wonders.

Rejuvenate in Luxury Spa


Let top professionals pamper you in one of the world’s best spas offered in the Maldivian luxury resorts. Choose from a variety of therapies that will not only help you release the stress but also make you feel and look great. Get a beauty procedure, try reflexology,  exercise yoga with the sunset over the ocean. Wellness centers will help you rejuvenate and revitalize your body during your holiday. 

Discover the Culinary Wonders


Whether one is willing to admit or not, eating delicacies is the highlight of any holiday, isn’t it? There is no way this desire could stay unfulfilled in Maldives. Top resorts have at least three but likely more restaurants, including a feet-in-the-sand option, serving the most delicate meals from different corners of the world. Moreover, the Maldives, as one of the world’s most romantic destinations, was made for perfect romantic diners in two. You might want to finish the diner with a movie in a cozy atmosphere at a private beach cinema. 

Find Your Sport Activity


Obviously, all water sports thrive in Maldives. You can experiment with anything from surfing through fishing to taking a private yacht voyage and much more. Kayaking is also a largely popular water-based activity in the Maldives. Paddle around the island and enjoy the view over the white sand beaches from a new perspective. Kitesurfing and windsurfing will increase your adrenaline level and give you an amazing feeling of freedom. Luxury resorts also have tennis and volleyball courts, In dedicated beauty spots, you can find yoga or even tai chi.