Villa Adele - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Adele

Costa Smeralda

  • Bedrooms 8 (7+1)
  • Area 500 MQ
  • Guests 13

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The property of approximately 500 square meters, is one of the few first line villas with a private dock. Villa is built on a single level: the right wing building and the left wing building joined by a patio with a large panoramic terrace overlooking the Sea where You will be able to dine enjoying the Mediterranean Sea breeze and an incredible 270 degrees view of Porto Rotondo, the Island of Mortorio and the Cala di Volpe Bay.

The new magnificent temperature controlled swimming pool with sea water  and the private access to a very secluded beach make this property the premium choice of the entire Costa Smeralda according to the teNeues book “Best Places to Rent on the Planet“.

Four more secluded sandy beaches can be reached in walking distance and from the private dock you can quickly and easily reach with a fast tender all the incredible beaches of  the area plus the Cala di Volpe, Pitrizza and  Romazzino Hotels,  Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo marinas with their exciting shopping and Glamourous Costa Smeralda night life.