Villa Sierra - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Sierra

Como Lake

Price : On Request
  • Bedrooms 9
  • Guests 18

Daily price from


If you are a lover of those “precious” remote places, you are just the one to open the doors of this charming estate, decidedly mindful of your own privacy.

There is only one way to reach it: by boat, of course. A small motorboat will await you at the small port of Lenno, and will slowly lead you to an ochre-colored building, surrounded by austere cypresses that guard the beauty worthy of only a select few.

I am happy to welcome you to Villa Sierra, one of the most sought-after residences on Lake Como because it satisfies the desire to surround yourself in the most enchanted natural setting together with that of having top-level luxury services.

Follow me, I will first show you the beauties of the perfectly maintained park which hides – as if they were secrets – an enchanting infinity pool and a tennis court. Here is the luxurious Terrace House, the dependence, which is only an anticipation of what awaits you.

And now we enter the Villa itself: luminosity and refinement envelop you and instill a sense of peace and balance. You will instantly feel that as long as you stay here, you will no longer feel the need for anything else.

Now I will leave you alone. The moment has arrived for you to be the sole owner of this garden of Eden you imagined gone forever.