Villa Afrodita 2425 - The Sun Secret Collection
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  • w1900xh1900-Arrecife-24-25-complex-9
  • w1900xh1900-Arrecife-24-25-complex-10
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  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-10
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-12
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-19
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-22
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-25
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-30
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-32
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-61
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-132
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-142
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-152
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-161
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-241
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-271
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-311
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-381
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-401
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-24-4-bedroom-461
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-1
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-13
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-22
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-30
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-34
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-40
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-47
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-61
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-121
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-151
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-171
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-291
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-371
  • w1900xh1900-Villa-Arrecife-25-5-bedroom-681

Villa Afrodita 24\25

Dominican Republic

  • Bedrooms 9
  • Guests 20
  • Garage 1

Daily price from

€2,490 EUR


Welcome to Villa Afrodita 24 & 25, are two of the most private luxury homes located in the exclusive gated community of the Punta Cana resort. Nestled in the heart of the resort and close to La Cana golf & beach club, this amazing villa is the perfect setting to experience one the most exclusive Caribbean vacation resorts in the world.

Punta Cana is 26 square miles of paradise and this popular resort has everything to offer for the ultimate Caribbean experience. The beaches are pure heaven with pristine powder white sand to stroll along while you’re soaking up the sun. This 3 miles long incredible coastline is blessed with a wonderful year-round climate. You can also take a dip in the crystal clear blue turquoise Caribbean oceans that surrounds one of the best shorelines in the world.
You’ll also have access to every activity imaginable. You can play golf on one of the three world class golf clubs, play tennis, go snorkelling and swim with dolphins, deep sea fishing or even enjoy a fabulous horseback ride or simply relax and take in the breath-taking views of the ocean and natural elements this resort has to offer. Another popular attraction is the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve and El Rancho which is a petting farm. You can even go on birdwatching tours. There is something for everyone to do in this exclusive resort.

When you have experienced some of the many activities in Punta Cana, you can then relax at the exclusive six senses spa that provides a beautiful and natural getaway. It has numerous indoor treatment rooms and one that is located on the beach surrounded by herb gardens and tropical plants. It also has a private yin yang bath that is sure to leave you feeling glorious and radiating well being. You could then have a stroll around the shopping centre or visit an art gallery in Punta Can village with your family



  • Main Bedroom – 1 King Bed
    Bedroom 2 – 2 double beds
    Bedroom 3 – 1 King Bed
    Bedroom 4 – 2 double beds

    Master Bedrooms: 1 King Bed
    Bedroom 2: 1 King Bed
    Bedroom 3: 1 King Bed
    Bedroom 4: 2 Double Beds
    Bedrooms 5: 1 King Bed

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