Wildberry Home 5 - The Sun Secret Collection
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Wildberry Home 5

  • Bedrooms 3
  • Guests 6

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The décor of this villa channels the medieval homes from Cotswold villages. Pretty English wallpapers, pastel frames and cozy reading corners make it perfect for a relaxing break away from the city. Balconies with forest views, French windows and an open-air balcony help bring the outside inside. The community has a large pool for groups to enjoy and a children’s park as well.

Lonavala has lush natural beauty, historic sites like the Lohadgad and Rajmachi forts and even caves like Karla and Bedsa dating back to 60BC. Foodies should attempt a trail of Maharashtrian street food through the main town. Gupta Sweet Home serves lip-smacking vada pav with the famous gunpowder chutney, Buvachi Misal is an authentic take on the crispy, spicy Maharashtrian snack and Annapurna has pitla bhakri (the staple diet of local farmers) which is a spicy gram flour curry eaten with local bread and spicy thecha chutney.

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