Villa Sodero - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Sodero


Price : On Request
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Area 300 MQ
  • Guests 8+4

Daily price from


Situated on a plot of 1.000 m2, Villa Sodero features a large home, fragrant Mediterranean gardens and a tucked-away terrace lounge with a barbecue and pool. East-west orientation of the villa gets you maximum sun exposure and brimming sea vistas from all front-of-the-house areas and bedrooms. The ground floor with an open-concept kitchen, dining and living area and the upper level with four bedrooms comprise 300 m2 of interior space and come topped with a rooftop terrace. Eight guests can enjoy staying at this private villa, and 4 more can be accommodated on pull-out sofas.

The style of the Villa rests upon clean lines and bold details. Evoking Mediterranean at every corner, vivacious pieces of art compliment the modern lines of hand-selected furniture created by renowned regional designers. Inspired by the color palette of Dubrovnik’s 20th century painters, the interior of Villa Sodero subtly but persistently reminds you to enjoy each moment of your Dubrovnik holiday to the fullest.

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