Villa Scalla - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Scalla


  • Bedrooms 8
  • Guests 16

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Otherworldly Villa Scalla enjoys an enviable view of the islands of Delos and Rhenea over a majestic drop to the sea, offering the picture-perfect Mykonos sunset and direct access to the sea and jetty. The Alberto Pinto-inspired frescoes, adorning the walls with images from Greek Mythology, are original works created in honor of the Olympic Games that were hosted in Greece in 2004. The world-renown designer, Alberto Pinto, intended the indoor colors and designs to distract and inspire guests from the over-powering natural beauty of the island, and the curvaceous furniture is intended to complement the island’s unique rounded Cycladic architecture, where 90-degree angles are all but absent. The unique experience of entering the Pinto inspired villa provides the supreme cocooning effect intended. In contrast to the interior, the exterior of Villa Scalla draws upon the magnificent, fiery-colored, stone-chiseled walls and broad flagstones to blend into the natural zeitgeist of the island’s wild-side, offering up an uninterrupted frame from within which to view Apollo’s birth place, Delos, and the myriad of Cycladic islands scattered beyond it into the distance.