Villa Puerto - The Sun Secret Collection
  • Hidden garden (4)
  • Hidden garden (5)
  • Hidden garden (17)
  • Entrance yard (3)
  • Entrance hall and business desk (2)
  • Cosy fireplace (2)
  • Dining area (1)
  • Dining area (2)
  • Living room (3)
  • Bedroom 2 (3)
  • Bedroom 5 (2)
  • Bedroom 6 (2)
  • Executive bedroom 4. (11)
  • Executive bedroom 4. (12)
  • Master bedroom 1. (9)

Villa Puerto


Price : On Request
  • Bedrooms 6
  • Guests 12+2

Daily price from


Poised in the picturesque bay of Zaton, just 10 minutes driving from the Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik, Villa Puerto is an exceptional private estate with 6 spacious bedrooms, voluminous living spaces and expansive Mediterranean gardens with an outdoor pool and a private chapel. An ideal choice for families and groups of friends, the Villa can host up to 14 people.

Built back in the 15th century, the Villa was originally envisioned as a summer retreat for aristocrats, a getaway from the heated stone of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and a place to relax, enjoy and entertain friends and family. Vividly illustrating our ancestor’s sophistication in leisure, its striking waterfront location, impressive but unpretentious interiors, tranquil garden ambiance and complete privacy of the enclosed property make it a representative sample of Dubrovnik Renaissance architecture and protected Croatian National Heritage.

This magnificent blend of longstanding history and appreciation of leisure was recently restored to its former glory, working closely with numerous conservation and restoration experts, as the Villa is a registered Croatian National Heritage monument.

Driven by care for its venerated historic fabric, we had allow for certain concessions, such as an inconsistent Internet connection throughout the property.


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