Villa Oriente & Apartments - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Oriente & Apartments

Fattorie in Italy

  • Bedrooms 6 + 7
  • Guests Up to 40

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Likely constructed by Francesco I de’ Medici, the second Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1586, Villa Oriente is an exquisite example of a Medici villa. Originally built as a summer holiday home for the duke’s lover, the property is set in the highly sought after surroundings of Pratolino, located just 13 km from central Florence. Today, Villa Oriente’s vineyards and surrounding gardens offer a tranquil and luxurious haven to
guests. Carefully landscaped with close care, each acre offers a rich and lush selection of flowers, olive trees, vines and fruit. From the property’s idyllic stone terrace, you are met with fabulous views of the Florence hills that will captivate and beguile you. It’s no secret that local nobility frequents the area, and it is easy to see why. There is no place on earth quite like the surroundings of Pratolino.

  • 6 bedrooms for a total of 12 guests in the main building
  • Luxury 3 bedrooms apartment for 6 guests
  • Luxury 3 bedrooms apartment for 5 guests
  • Luxury apartment for couple
  • 2 outdoor pools