Villa Cole - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Cole

  • Bedrooms 5
  • Guests 13

Daily price from

€640 EUR


Villa Cole takes its name from the unique location on the beach, a sheltered inlet complete with a wonderful walk-through grotto.

The villa is surrounded by coconut groves and agricultural land, where the sounds of ocean waves and tropical birds foster utter relaxation and serenity.

Walking on the beach, enjoying a massage, swimming, surfing, walking along the rice fields, yoga, tennis and gourmet dining are the main pursuits of a holiday at Villa Cole.

Villa Cole accommodates up to 13 people, comprising a 4-bedroom villa, plus a separate guest house with one bedroom and a cabana offering breathtaking sea views, including a walk-through grotto.

The property maintains a cozy feel, however, it is spacious enough to provide each guest ample personal space at all times. The views from each area of the house are spectacular and ever-changing, depending on the room, the clouds or the intensity of the light.

Whether it is relaxing in your own terrace or deck, swimming in the rock pool above the beach, walking through the coconut grove, watching the waves from the cabana, playing a tennis match barefoot on the grass court, lounging in the living room or enjoying a massage–there is always a place to go for private relaxation.