Villa Bibli - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Bibli


  • Bedrooms 5
  • Guests 10

Daily price from

€1,650 EUR


Summer holidays are all about the beach. This is the simple principle that defines the design of this 5 bedroom villa. Situated at the south coast of Mykonos, right next to the popular beach of Platys Gialos, this villa is a luxurious beach house that perfectly reflects island living. The outdoor area introduces the home’s personality: stylish, laid back and perfectly attuned to the view. Inside and out, the house feels like an extension of the beach. The interior is pierced by generous windows that frame the sea views and convey the feeling of being outside even when indoors – you can stay in bed without missing any of the activity taking place at the beach below. The décor is quiet and cosy to create a relaxing atmosphere and accentuate the views. Natural materials such as wood and stone and architectural details such as a kitchen half-carved into the rock are employed to integrate the house to its surroundings. The bedrooms are meticulously minimal, devoid of ornamentation and clutter, paying a tribute to simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication and letting the eye wonder to the sea’s mesmerising blue.




  • Living/dining area
    Open-plan fully-equipped kitchen
    1 Master bedroom with en-suite shower bathroom and sea view
    1 Double bedroom with en-suite shower bathroom and lateral view
    1 Twin bedroom with en-suite shower bathroom

    Private Infinity Swimming pool
    Shaded outdoor lounge/dining areas
    Bar corner

  • 2 Double bedrooms with en-suite shower bathrooms and sea views, that have an independent entrance but can interconnect via a small hallway