Villa Afrodita 23 - The Sun Secret Collection
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Villa Afrodita 23

Dominican Republic

  • Bedrooms 04
  • Guests 10

Daily price from

€1,150 EUR


Welcome to Villa Afrodita 23, the stunning 4 bedroom Villa located in the exclusive gated Punta Cana resort. This Caribbean paradise spans over 26 square miles on one of the best shorelines in the world and would make for the perfect tropical holiday destination for your family. This resort is blessed with sunny weather all year round and with dazzling white sandy beaches, clear blue crystalline waters and clear blue skies, it is the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun and where you can create amazing memories with your family that you will cherish forever.

There is also endless activities at this exclusive resort, including Golf in one of the 3 world class PGA approved courses, horseback riding, tennis, zip lining and you can even go bird watching. If you like water sports, you can go snorkelling, swim with dolphins, go on Catamaran boat tours or visit Seona Island, where when you step of the boat you can enjoy a delicious lunch and sample local cuisine prepared by the local chefs.

The outdoor area of this stunning Villa is gorgeous. With views of the clear blue oceans you can relax by the private pool on one of the loungers and let the world pass you by. There is an Al-fresco dining area where you can heat up the BBQ, sit at the bar in the gallery or enjoy a delicious meal of local cuisine cooked by one of our local chefs if desired or cool down with a glass of your preferred beverages served to you by the Villa staff.




  • Bedroom 4 – 1 King Bed

  • Main Bedroom -1 King Bed
    Bedroom 2 – 2 Queen beds + Twin bed
    Bedroom 3 – 1 King Bed