Vila Joya - The Sun Secret Collection
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Vila Joya


  • Rooms 16
  • Style resort
  • Rates per night Starting from


Faro Airport (FAO)


You find Vila Joya at a breathtakingly beautiful spot, where moorisharchitecture coupled with the fragrance of the Atlantic Ocean help to conjure the charm of a fairy tale. It’s a house of discriminating taste, which grants everything you could wish for and opens a window to paradise. The very moment you are received by the Maitre de Plaisir in the fabulous entrance hall under its ornate ceiling, you experience the magnificent atmosphere of nonchalant elegance in the 12 unique rooms and 8 suites, all of which have a view to the Atlantic.

The sunny garden with palm trees, cypresses and beautiful flowers invites the guest for a walk or just to linger for a while. Bright sand dunes and an impressing coastline provide a privileged location for Portugal’s most popular golf-courses which offer perfect recreation in a supreme setting. Vila Joya is like an exquisite garden of Eden, where your dreams can come true… A pearl in the oyster.