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  • hotel vander ljubljana slo   arh sadar vuga
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  • vander hotel ljubljana slo

Vander Hotel


  • Rooms 20
  • Style design
  • Rates per night Starting from


Ljubljana Airport | (LJU)


Don’t expect a typical hotel façade or a glass lobby where you can exit from your car. You are in the old town, which is sensitive to traffic. Vander urbani resort is four old town houses in a terrace nestling under Castle Hill on the banks of the River Ljubljanica. From the outside, they look like the other town houses in the old city, but they have been intricately re-designed with a contemporary passion.

Old and new meet in a passionate embrace. Beneath the old bourgeois house facades lie 20 rooms whose design epitomises perfect living comfort. Yes, that’s Vander. Sensual, at one with the environment, and enhanced to meet the needs of the contemporary traveller. The interior design follows a continuous line which runs almost imperceptibly from house to house. The charm of the surprising views culminates in the panorama from the roof terrace. This is what Ljubljana is like, too: in love with the old, constantly seeking the new.