Thousand Lakes Lodge - The Sun Secret Collection
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Thousand Lakes Lodge


  • Rooms 21
  • Style resort
  • Rates per night Starting from


Launceston airport (LST)


There’s a place like no other; almost otherworldly, it’s remote, barren but beautiful and unique.
It’s a place that can be serene and silent yet in an instant, cold, raw and unfriendly -but comfort is always close by.

Thousand Lakes is in the Central Highlands World Heritage Area of Tasmania, often referred to as the Western Lakes. To the West is the Walls of Jerusalem and to the East is the Great Lakes, and as the name suggests it’s the ideal base for exploring the Thousand Lakes area.

Here in this alpine environment the air is noticeably clear and the silence is inspiring, on a still day; birds, bugs and fish surface within your reach.  On days when the wind is high and the temperature drops, it will take your breath away and find you in awe of its harshness.

Dusk acts as a cue for native animals to commence their procession to scavenge food; wombats, quoll, Tasmanian devils, wallabies and possums transform the area into a hub of activity.

You will agree the Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge is the real Tasmania!