San Lorenzo City Lodge - The Sun Secret Collection
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San Lorenzo City Lodge

Price : On Request
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Area 350 SQM
  • Guests 4


The apartment lies at the crossroads of Baroque Architecture. Located inside the church of Sant’Agnese in Agone, attributed to Francesco Borromini, and overlooking the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It was a special and outrageous time for architecture, taking most people by shock and surprise – everything before that had been ruled by classicism, practicality, and distinct orders. This stark turning point came out of the Catholic Church’s Counter Reformation, when the church launched a sensory and emotional appeal to its people through art and architecture.

This 350-square-meter luxury apartment not only boasts a world-class setting but also a level of craftsmanship that transports the visitor into a world of wonders.