Perry Lane Hotel - The Sun Secret Collection
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Perry Lane Hotel

  • Rooms 167
  • Style classic
  • Rates per night Starting from


Savannah International Airport (SAV)


If there is one thing that we know at Perry Lane Hotel, it’s Savannah – a city with deep roots and layers of nuance, whose charm and grace captivates everyone who steps onto her well-worn, cobblestone streets. It’s a city rife with history yet thrumming with energy, welcoming everyone in with a crooked smile and a glimmer in her eye.

A unique study in contrasts, Savannah seems to embody two characters at once: an old soul with a modern outlook, and worldly elegance with a creative edge. These rivaling identities energize the city, resulting in a sense that magic is around each corner. Perry Lane Hotel captures this rare duality in our contemporary design and love for our historic city. We invite you to discover more about our visionary hotel that reveres Savannah’s past, captures its present and champions its future.