Island Over Yonder Cay - The Sun Secret Collection
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Island Over Yonder Cay


  • Bedrooms 12
  • Area 72 Acres
  • Guests 23

Daily price from

€44,500 EUR


A mere 200 miles from the US coastline, in the heart of The Bahamas, lies the exclusive 72-acre private island, Over Yonder Cay. This luxurious destination offers lucky guests a five-star castaway experience in a spectacular setting. Allow me to welcome you to your own private paradise.

The first question everyone asks is, “What exactly is a Cay?” Well, in very simple terms, it is a small, low lying island sitting on top of a coral reef. It can sometimes be referred to as a Key – and both words, regardless of how they are spelled, are pronounced ‘Key’. It derives from the native Taino Indian’s word cayo meaning “small island”. So now that you know what a cay is and how to pronounce it, let’s leave all of that dull factual detail aside and swoon into a gloriously magical and mystical island that defies classification on so many levels.

Firstly, Over Yonder Cay (OYC) is a five star, private island yet it has ecological credentials having developed its four amazing properties on the Cay with strict consideration for the flora, fauna and marine life that live within its boundaries.

Secondly, OYC offers high-end luxury and all the technological systems anyone would wish for yet all of this electricity is provided by its own energy centre that harnesses the powers of sun and wind to generate the power to run the entire island.

Thirdly, the amazing chefs at OYC who work tirelessly to create the dream vacation for you, use ingredients that are both organic and sustainable where possible. The stunning array of delicious foods sourced from within the islands of The Bahamas form the basis of your delicious meals each day. So your dinner’s carbon footprint is modest by most five-star resort standards.

So now it’s time to delve deeper into each fantastic facet that comprises Over Yonder Cay, the world-class five-star private island with a heart ……. and soul.

  • This is the largest of the four properties on OYC. It commands a prime position towards the centre of the Cay while still being a short and pretty stroll to its own jetty and beach.
    The grandeur and scale of Meridian House allows up to 8 guests to move around a spacious property that has extensive grounds beautifully designed around a gorgeous white, modern villa. This four bedroomed property, boasts a splendid Grand Conservatory with a Steinway piano. This glass walled room has divine views over the sea and is the ideal place to relax with a pre-dinner drink or a book.

    The House boasts its own luxury movie theatre a wonderful place to unwind with a good film and some popcorn after an exhilarating day exploring the Cay.

    The master suite is a 2,300sqft creation that has its own viewing tower, a private garden, dressing room, salon and of course luxurious bathroom. Each of the three guest bedrooms have a private courtyard and terrace allowing guests to enjoy a shared holiday but still have the space to step away for some peaceful personal time.

  • This beautiful beach villa sits on the Western shores of OYC. Offering luxurious accommodation for up to 8 guests, this spacious property enjoys a waterside location while being close to the tennis and golf facilities on the Cay. A few steps away from Whale Bone Beach, guests can start each day with a swim in the warm and shallow waters before returning to the terrace for a breakfast of your choice. Think pancakes, fresh smoothies, juicy fruits, coffee …whatever gets your day off to the perfect start, is what OYC all about.
    The beautifully decorated and designed living room captures the amazing views of the gleaming waters of the Atlantic. With a fully functioning kitchen, everything is thought of in this perfect property.
    The master suite is a roomy 682sqft with its very own spacious and luxurious bathroom. It has a wrap-around balcony that captures the spectacular sunsets on this side of the Cay.
    The larger guest room at 562sqft has its own luxurious bathroom. While the other two guest rooms, at 265sqft each, share a Hollywood bathroom.

  • This spectacular house enjoys a point of elevation on the Cay and looks out over Exuma Sound. Four luxurious bedrooms can accommodate up to 8 guests. With wrap-around balconies, each room offers its own sense of privacy within this lovely home.
    The larger suites are 546sqft and 413sqft respectively with their own private luxurious bathroom while the other guest rooms are 352sqft each and share a Hollywood bathroom. The smaller guest rooms have queen beds and single loft sleeping, ideal for children.
    The attractive and spacious living room and fully functioning kitchen complete the perfection of this property.

  • This is the smallest of the properties on OYC but by no means is it any less gorgeous than any of the other beautiful homes. With the sea magically bordering both the front and rear of the property this luxurious house is probably the most delightful place to stay on OYC. Sleeping up to 6 guests in three luxurious bedrooms, the master suite is 550sqft with its own dedicated luxurious bathroom while the remaining two guest rooms, at 269sqft, share a very comfortable bathroom.
    The spacious living room, decorated in an elegant yet comfortable style along with the attractive kitchen creates the perfect base for any group.
    There is a game’s room on the lower floor, ideal for younger guests or competitive adults! The private beach that is a few yards from the house boasts the shallowest waters to be found around the Cay. This is an ideal house for guests with children who like to relax at the beach knowing their little splashers are in safe waters. South Point commands views of both sunrises and sunsets from its unique situation on this southern-most point of the Cay. It’s a wonderful base to explore the myriad of aquatic life that teams through the warm waters.