Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort - The Sun Secret Collection
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Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

  • Rooms 9
  • Style resort
  • Rates per night Starting from


Port Hardy Airport (YZT)


Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is the very definition of a secret hideaway, nestled into the old growth forests of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, poised over serene and sparkling waterways where salmon flash and porpoises leap, and accessible only by helicopter or floatplane.  This is a landscape defined by granite mountains that overlook misty fjords, splashing waterfalls, and secluded beaches; blue-toned glaciers; and islands where the wildlife far outnumbers the humans.

Nimmo Bay was one of the world’s first ecolodges, opened by the Murray family in the early 1980s and owned and operated by them still today. Originally geared toward heli-fishing, the lodge now offers a high-end wilderness experience in one of the most remote and stunning places on the planet. Spend your days exploring from sea level to 7,000 feet, watching orcas or bears, kayaking among salmon and sea lions, or soaring high into the mountains in a helicopter to hike landscapes where few have ventured. Then unwind with fresh coastal cuisine, a soak in a hot tub beneath a towering waterfall, and an evening of music and laughter sitting around the fire on the floating dock. This is nature as it should be experienced.