Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa - The Sun Secret Collection
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Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa

Saint Barthelemy

  • Rooms 46
  • Style resort


Gustaf III Airport (SBH)


The picture perfect white-sand beaches of St Barts are the dreamy beginning of your forever love story. This is where the magical destination weddings begin. Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa is an oasis of relaxed Caribbean calm, set on a perfect crescent-shaped bay.

Hotel’s style has a signature of its chic Parisian pedigree while reveling in a laid-back, beachfront setting — ideal for a destination wedding on the beach.

Whether the wedding of your dreams is a party for two or a grand affair witnessed by all your friends and family, you can be assured that Le Barthélemy will overcome your expectations for the best start of your happily ever after.

Why Choose Le Barthélemy for your beach Wedding?

 Breathtaking Beachfront Destination Wedding Venue in St. Barts

Offers One Location for all of your Beach Wedding needs

Hotel takes care of every detail, from the wedding ceremony, to cocktail, wedding reception, dinner & after party

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