Igreha Vaddo Villa B - The Sun Secret Collection
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Igreha Vaddo Villa B

Price : On Request
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Guests 6

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Igreha Vaddo Villa B is a gated community in Goa tucked away in the hip neighbourhood of Siolim village. The villas here have thick, cream walls, high ceilings and idiosyncratic tiles. While some homes feature ancient Banyan trees others boast of glamorous poolside decks that lend themselves to endless afternoons of G&Ts and good music.
Igreha Vaddo Villa B is surrounded by lush foliage which feels deeply restorative. During summers, you can see the tempting vermilion and golden hues of ripened mangoes dangling from the trees. In the spring, you can smell the aroma of fermenting cashew fruit on its way to becoming the locally made urak (also known as Goa’s Jungle Juice).


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