Hotel Tigmiza - The Sun Secret Collection
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Hotel Tigmiza


  • Rooms 28
  • Style resort
  • Rates per night Starting from


Marrakesh Airport (RAK)


When you see the top of the Kasbah peeking through the palm trees, framed by the Atlas mountains, the chauffeur says in broken English “Welcome to Madame Maria’s home”. And Tigmiza a home it is.

In that homely spirit, Moroccan hospitality dictates that guests should have a cup of tea and pastries when they first come in, that’s what you would do when you visit a family a member after all, wouldn’t you?

It is difficult to describe the wave of calm that washes over you as you enter Tigmiza. The scent of burning orange throughout the property is inebriating. Birds fly past the palm trees and into reception seeking shelter from the sun. Maria, the manager, walks around the property greeting her guests, proudly showing the fruit of the Laraqui family hard labour.

The property is built in the style of a traditional Riad. The uniquely decorated suites are set around an acclimatised swimming pool surrounded by leafy palm trees. The second swimming pool stands beyond the courtyard’s arches which can also be accessed from the breakfast terrace. We can’t think of a better way to start a busy day exploring the souks, with moreish Moroccan pancakes and a leisurely swim.

Treat yourself a well-deserved break in the evening. Forgo the hammams in the Medina, a visit to the hotel’s SPA is de rigueur. It is a rather intimate experience to have your whole body scrubbed in an altar-like bed, but the hammam will be booked out only for you and your better half, away from prying eyes.

No request is too far-fetched for the staff at Tigmiza, who will tend to your needs as a friend would, but with five star service.