Fregate Island Private - The Sun Secret Collection
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Fregate Island Private


  • Rooms 16
  • Style tropical
  • Rates per night Starting from


Seychelles International Airport (SEZ)


For decades, rumours of buried pirate treasure has sent adventurers to explore sparsely populated islands on the periphery of famous archipelagos. Fregate Island Private, part of the Seychelles is one such island. There you will discover treasures beyond your wildest imagination in this island paradise. Not caskets of gold and jewels buried in a cave but a destination that is ecologically pristine, with luscious green vegetation, unsurpassed beaches, luxurious accommodations, all delivered by attentive and intuitive staff. This is the treasure that awaits and you will conclude your visit enriched beyond your greatest expectations.

A mere 34 miles east of Mahe in the warm embrace of the Indian Ocean lies the exquisite and luxurious Fregate Island. Occupying the eastern-most end of the Seychelles archipelago, this richly diverse island offers guests an opportunity to be sole occupants of a green, luscious, pristine Eden.

his privately owned island, dedicated to the restoration of a rare habitat, is made up of a series of 16 villas dotted along the breath-taking coast line. Each villa with its private pool, and some with direct beach access, are designed to give individuals or larger parties a private and secluded holiday. The villas are near enough to one another to make it a wonderful location for a large party of up to 44 adults and 15 children to take over the entire resort.

You will be surprised to know that the ratio of staff to guests on the island is 3 to 1. This ensures guests enjoy a world-class level of service. Yet somehow these charming and intuitive employees, seem never to intrude on the sense of privacy and freedom that guests wish to experience. The last time I checked, there were at least 10 world languages covered by individual staff members so regardless of where you visit from, it’s very likely that someone will speak a language known to you. From your Personal Assistant, housekeeping staff, to the team of talented chefs, childcare specialists, ecologists and resident nurse, there is always someone at hand to draw forth all of the best elements of Fregate Island in a bespoke and discrete way.

With a pretty chapel on the island too, you could arrange a wedding or any religious family event to be celebrated and integrated into your vacation.

The private marina isn’t a stopping off point for passing boats – only guests of the island get to disembark and come ashore thus ensuring a true sense of seclusion and privacy so desirable in our rather over-crowded lives.

With a well organised kids club, a wide range of water based activities on and in the water and over 8 miles of rainforest trails, this island offers diverse activities for guests of all ages. The resident environmentalists provide enthusiastic and informed walking tours across the island. The daytime tours take in the breath of wildlife enjoying safety in this protected environment along with lush plants and flowers. The night-time tours focus on the vibrant life that exists after sundown, especially the hatching of the baby turtles along the beaches. To witness these tenacious little creatures making their brave march from their sandy nests to the water is utterly indescribable.

In addition, over 70 percent of the food ingredients used to create the delicious dining experience on the island is grown and sourced on Fregate Island Private. The ultimate aim of this island is to become a self-sustaining destination resort that focuses on restoring and protecting the many species of flora and fauna indigenous to the island.

The Castaway Club is a fabulously engaging kids club for guests from 3-12 years of age. Under the careful eye of trained childcare staff and the island ecologists, young guests are led on treasure hunts, along trails through the forest that are out of bounds to adult guests. Young guests can visit the Tortoise Sanctuary and engage with the majestic and noble Giant Aldabra Tortoises who shuffle around their safe paradise home. Kids are returned to their happy parents full of tales of adventures and with a surprising level of knowledge about their natural habitat that just seems to have soaked into their enquiring minds by some magical form of osmosis!

For the more mature among your party, there are hikes, deep sea diving, mountain biking, tennis, non-motorised water sports and many other energetic activities available. Your Personal Assistant will arrange all the details of what, where and when with you when you arrive.

The world-class Spa, with daily yoga and fitness centre, offers guests the opportunity to be swept away by the inspired organic and bespoke treatments cultivated on the island.

Fregate Island can cater to every desire – Be as active or relaxed as you wish.