Cucu Hotel - The Sun Secret Collection
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Cucu Hotel


  • Rooms 33
  • Style design
  • Rates per night Starting from


Tel Aviv Airport (TLV)


Our Israeli CUCU Breakfast will temporarily be served at CENTRO Café (Dizengof st. 69) & Bread Story Café (Dizengof st. 88) for the month of February-March 2019, daily from 08:00-12:00, and starting April 7th 2019 at our in-house café CAFÉ CUCU located in the hotel’s ground floor daily from 07:00-12:00.
Hotel CUCU is a breath of fresh air in the beating heart of Tel Aviv.
We’re the quirky new kid on the block, the free-spirited artist, the friend you’ve always wanted to have; the cool place you’ve always wanted to be. Call us CUCU, because that’s exactly what we are. Forget what you know about hotels in Tel Aviv, and get ready to experience a top quality urban hotel unlike any other, right in the center of where it’s all happening. At Hotel CUCU you’ll find the kind of people that bring out the best in you, and send you home with a smile. We know what’s going on and understand that life is about living – here and now. We’re not crazy. Just a little…CUCU.