Amankora - The Sun Secret Collection
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  • Rooms 24
  • Style resort
  • Rates per night Starting from


Paro Airport (PBH)


Derived from the Sanskrit word for “peace” and the Dzongkha word for “circular pilgrimage,” the Amankora lodges scattered through the peaks and valleys of Bhutan embody the base meanings of both words. This series of five lodges are nestled in the kingdom of Bhutan, which is situated between Tibet and India, making it one of the most pristine and remote destinations in the world. Depending on the length of your vacation, specific interests, and physical abilities, Amankora will customize your adventure so that you can experience all Bhutan has to offer amid luxury accommodations.

The dramatic landscape features the Himalayas in the north and gradually tapers to low lying plains in the south, offering breathtaking views of the mountain passes and valleys carved from the landscape. Due to the physical separation, each destination has been shaped by its own unique culture and traditions. Amankora offers accommodations in larger urban centers like Thimphu and Punakha in addition to more remote villages including Paro, Gangtey, and Bumthang. Each lodge offers luxury accommodations constructed from all natural materials in the local dzong architectural style with beautiful vistas and traditional bukharis, or wood-burning stoves in each room. Each hotel provides treatment rooms for a variety of spa amenities to help you relax and prepare for your journey. Whether you have only a few days or a few weeks, most people visit Bhutan to trek across the landscape and experience the vibrant culture. An expert guide, cook, and several assistants will carry you and your provisions through sceneries of indescribable beauty towards ancient monasteries, sacred temples, caves, villages, and unique vantage points to observe endangered species.

No matter which destination or trek you choose, your journey through the last traditional Himalayan Buddhist kingdom is sure to be magical.