Alila Jabal Akhdar - The Sun Secret Collection
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Alila Jabal Akhdar

  • Rooms 84
  • Style resort
  • Rates per night Starting from


Muscat Airport (MCT)


Inspired by ancient forts, traditional Omani construction techniques using local stones are combined with contemporary architecture to create a uniquely relaxing environment, from the pool to the spacious suites that look out to mesmerising views of the cliff and mountains.

Committed to a sustainable future, this landmark Jabal Akhdar hotel is constructed according to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) principles, and is designed in harmony with the environment, preserving the extraordinary natural beauty of the region.

Within the stone exteriors, the resort’s unique expression of minimalist style is infused with warmth and colours that reflect the region’s ethnic influence. Authentic elements of Omani design decorate the interiors, such as copper ornaments, and handmade pottery from Bahla, for which the town is famed.

Known to be one of the most sought after Oman luxury resorts, the signature features of this hotel include fort-like doors crafted from solid wood; the iconic rose pattern that adorns the lobby, inspired by the damask roses that grow in this region; and a large fireplace in the lobby that warms guests in the chillier months after an invigorating day out in the mountains. The resort grounds also feature aflaj water systems, mirroring Oman’s traditional system of irrigation channels.