Eco-hotel Romanov Les - The Sun Secret Collection
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Eco-hotel Romanov Les

Boutique Hotels

  • Rooms 48
  • Style design
  • Rates per night Starting from


Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO)


The ecohotel Romanov Les provides city dwellers with a unique opportunity to get away from the everyday commotion and have a complete rest. Here, in the shade of ancient trees, on the banks of the Volga, your vacation will last for however-long-you’d-like-it. Russia is famous for its vast space and long distances; however, it will not take you long to get here from Moscow: we are only a 4.5-hour car ride away. And in the end of the journey, you will find yourself surrounded by a truly fairytale forest. There are 24 wooden cottages with a wide range of options to satisfy anyone’s most exquisite taste. There is also a hotel with 24 suites of three categories. Romanov Les offers a spa, saunas, an outdoor swimming pool and a cozy indoor swimming pool for you to enjoy, alongside the great pleasure of pure nature. The three fine dining restaurants, a movie theater and a nightclub will not let you completely forget your urban lifestyle.

The protected territory of the hotel occupies about 22 hectares (55 acres) on which are:

  • 24 cottages of three categories made of the chopped frost-hardy wood;
  • 24 comfortable numbers of three categories in the hotel;
  • night club;
  • bathing complex;
  • covered pool 18х12 m in size;
  • SPA center;
  • zoo;
  • 24/7 reception;
  • two secured parking lots